Small Signal Switching Diodes

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Part Number Data Sheet SPICE Model Qualified to
Configuration Polarity Power Rating
ESD Diodes (Y/N) Total
Capacitance CT
Peak Repetitive
Reverse Voltage
Reverse Recovery Time trr (ns) Maximum Average Rectifier Current IO (mA) Maximum Peak Forward Surge Current IFSM (A) Forward Voltage Drop VF @ IF (V) Forward Voltage Drop VF @ IF (mA) Maximum Reverse
Current IR
Maximum Reverse Current IR @ VR (V) V(BR)R (V) Min @IR=100μA VF(V) Max @ IF=1.0mA VF(V) Max @ IF=10mA VF(V) Max @ IF=100mA IR(nA) Max @ VR=5V IR(uA) Max @ VR=30V IR(uA) Max @ VR=80V CT(pF) Max @ VR = 0V, f = 1MHz Trr(ns) Max @ IF=IR=10 mA, Irr=0.1xIR, RL=100Ω Package Outlines