LED Drivers

Diodes Incorporated's LED driving solutions are not only recognized for their high efficiency and simplicity; they are also renowned for their incredible versatility and are well suited to tackle a wide range of applications:


Diodes' family of LED drivers provides high efficiency constant current drive for high brightness LEDs – both high and low current. When driving multiple LEDs in a single string, efficiencies greater than 95% may be attained together with very accurate LED current matching.

Diodes' offline LED drivers provide a simple cost-effective solution for offline lamps,which includes retrofit lamps as well as T5/T8/T10/T12 replacements.

Diodes' medium voltage DC-DC high brightness LED drivers combine a small footprint and high power density with operating voltage up to 60V. Integrated switch LED drivers are capable of delivering LED currents up to 1.5A. Device topologies include Buck, Boost and Buck-boost.

Diodes' low voltage DC-DC high brightness LED drivers are targeted at battery powered systems for general illumination applications. Uses range from 3W LED flashlights, to bicycle lights, to solar powered architectural lighting. Operation down to 0.8V supports 1-AA cell lamps.

Diodes' LED Drivers for Displays/LCD screens consist of high-efficiency charge pump multi-channel LED drivers, inductive boost LED drivers and multi-channel linear LED drivers. Their high-efficiency and high-switching frequencies make them well suited to modern consumer equipment.

Diodes' linear LED drivers provide a simple cost-effective solution to driving low-current, high-brightness LEDs.

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