Class-D audio amplifier solutions from Diodes Incorporated maximize battery life, reduce power lost as heat, and minimize printed circuit board (PCB) area while providing high quality audio performance. Our filterless, low electromagnetic interference (EMI) modulation architecture delivers efficiencies of up to 92%, and eliminates the large inductors and capacitors between the amplifier and the speaker that traditional Class-D amplifiers require.

Products include both mono and stereo speaker drivers with maximum output power ranging from 1.5W to 32W and typical total harmonic distortion plus noise (THD+N) of less than 0.5%. Features include DC volume control, fixed or selectable gain settings, integrated headphone amplifier, micro-power shutdown mode, anti-pop and click circuitry, and anti-saturation output power limiting.

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Part Number Data Sheet SPICE Model VDD
IQ (mA) Efficiency
Volume/ Gain Gain Min (dB) Gain Max (dB) SNR (dB) PSRR (dB) Package Outlines