Application Notes and Design Notes


AN1101 Automotive Reverse Battery Protection Diode 03/2015
AN1102 Key MOSFET parameters for Motor Control applications 09/2016

Product Overview

AN-1010A SBR® Avalanche Energy 03/2010
AN1100 Usage of Steady State Thermal Values 03/2015

Power Management

AN39 Current measurement applications handbook. 01/2008
AN52 IGBT gate drive considerations in electronic lamp ballasts 02/2008
AN53 DC-DC PoL conversion using Zetex' ZXMN2F34MA MOSFET 04/2008
AN54 Energy Star® V2.0 compliant flyback converter using the ZXGD3101 synchronous MOSFET controller 11/2008
AN55 ZXCT1041 as a precision full wave rectifier 09/2008
AN58 Designing with References - Shunt regulation 09/2008
AN59 Designing with Shunt Regulators - Series regulation 09/2008
AN60 Designing with Shunt Regulators - Fixed voltage regulators and opto isolation 09/2008
AN61 Designing with References - Extending the operating voltage range 09/2008
AN62 Designing with Shunt Regulators - Other applications 09/2008
AN63 Designing with Shunt Regulators - ZXRE060 low voltage regulator 09/2008
AN66 Designing with Shunt Regulators - AC amplifier 11/2008
AN67 Designing with shunt regulators - mixing, adding or summing 12/2008
AN68 Synchronous MOSFETs selection for Flyback converters 02/2009
AN69 Synchronous rectifier reduces conduction loss in LLC resonant power supplies 03/2009
AN70 Output short-circuit protection on a synchronous rectified flyback converter with the ZXGD3101 controller 04/2009
AN71 Response time reduction of the ZXCT1009 Current Monitor 06/2009
AN72 DIOFET™ boosts PoL efficiency, reduces heat versus standard MOSFET 08/2010
AN73 High efficiency DC-DC PoL conversion using the DMS3015SSS 08/2010
AN1026 Some Application Hints for AP3406 08/2008
AN1028 Basic Steps to Design a PSR Flyback Converter Using AP3706/08N 09/2009
AN1033 Design Consideration with AP3005 04/2009
AN1034 Some Application Hints for AP3406A 03/2009
AN1039 Design and Application Notes for AP3768 System Solution 09/2009
AN1039_CN Design and Application Notes for AP3768 System Solution (Chinese Translation) 11/2009
AN1044 Design Consideration with AP3502/3 11/2012
AN1044_CN Design Consideration with AP3502/3 (Chinese Translation) 11/2012
AN1045 Design Guidelines for Off-line AC-DC Power Supply Using BCD. PWM Controller AP3103 02/2010
AN1046 Design Consideration with AP3202 12/2011
AN1046_CN Design Consideration with AP3202 (Chinese Translation) 12/2011
AN1049 Some Application Hints for AP3422 04/2010
AN1051 Design Consideration with AP3409/A 10/2010
AN1052 Design Guidance for AP3106 11/2011
AN1053 Design Consideration with AP3039A 07/2010
AN1055 Design Consideration with AP3407/A 11/2010
AN1057 Design and Application Notes for AP3107/H System Solution 04/2011
AN1061 Design Consideration with AP3408 04/2011
AN1062 High Voltage Green Mode PWM Controller AP3105 04/2011
AN1063 Design Consideration with AP3211 07/2012
AN1064 Design and Application Notes for AP3765 System Solution 06/2011
AN1064_CN Design and Application Notes for AP3765 System Solution (Chinese Translation) 06/2011
AN1067 Application Notes for AP3770 System Solution 09/2011
AN1068 Application Notes for AP3770 System Solution 09/2011
AN1068_CN Application Notes for AP3770 System Solution (Chinese Translation) 06/2012
AN1071 Design Consideration with AP3581A/B/C and AP3583/A 09/2011
AN1072_CN Application Notes for AP3074 (Chinese Translation) 03/2012
AN1073 Design Consideration with AP3502E/3E 11/2012
AN1074 Application Notes for AP3771 System Solution 03/2012
AN1078 Application Notes for AP4340/L System Solution 03/2012
AN1082 Application Notes for AP3772 System Solution 04/2012
AN1082_CN Application Notes for AP3772 System Solution (Chinese Translation) 05/2012
AN1084 Design Consideration with AP3502F/3F 11/2012
AN1088 Application Notes for AP3775 System Solution 11/2012
AN1089 Design Consideration with AP3440 06/2012
AN1090 Design Consideration with AP3433 06/2012
AN1092 Design Consideration with AP3512E/3E 10/2012
AN1093 Application Notes for AP3765A System Solution 10/2012
AN1094 Design Consideration with AP3502H/3H 11/2012
AN1096 High Voltage Green Mode PWM Controller AP3105NA/NV/NL/NR 12/2012
AN1098 Design Consideration with AT5503 04/2013
AN1099 Automotive Reverse Battery Protection Diode 02/2015
AN1120 AP3125 Series Application Note 08/2016
AN1123 600mA Step-Down DC DC Converter with Synchronous Rectifier 06/2014
AN1124 Compact Dual-Phase Synchronous-Rectified Buck Controller 06/2014


Single Phase Synchronous Buck Controller 06/2014
AN1126 1.5A, 1.4MHZ High Efficiency Synchronous DC-DC Buck Converter 07/2014
AN1135 Load Capacitor Stability Boundary of Shunt Regulator 03/2015
AN1140 Active Capacitor Discharge Circuit Considerations for FPGAs 09/2015
AN_PAM2401 1.0MHz Step-Up DC-DC Converter 04/2014
ANP022 AP1512/A 50KHz, 2A/3A PWM Buck DC/DC Converter 04/2008
ANP030_AP2014A AP2014/A 07/2008
ANP031_AP431 Signal Response In Switch-Mode Power Supply 01/2010
DN80 Bipolar transistors for MOSFET gate driving applications. 02/2008
DN90 ZXGD3101 Synchronous MOSFET controller improves energy efficiency of dual-output power supply 10/2008
DN91 Synchronous rectification improves set top box power supply efficiency 11/2008
DN94 High performance rectifiers significantly improve server power supply efficiency 11/2008
DN97 ZXGD3103 Boosts Set Top Box Power Supply Efficiency, Reduces Heat Dissipation 11/2010
DN1158 200W Resonant Power Supply Reference Design Using the DGD2113 Gate Driver 01/2016

Transient Voltage Protection

AN77 Diodes' high speed data line ESD protector D1213A provides excellent USB2.0 protection with minimal impact on the signal integrity. 08/2012


AN56 12Vac LED Driving without smoothing capacitors 09/2008
AN57 Automotive EMC considerations for switching regulator LED lighting applications using ZXLD1362 09/2008
AN64 Common anode topology with Zetex hysteretic converters 10/2008
AN65 Using the ZXSC310 to drive high power LEDs from 2 alkaline cell with hysteretic UVLO 11/2008
AN74 Solar Street lighting application with ZXLD1374 09/2010
AN75 High Power Factor LED Replacement T8 Fluorescent Tube using the AL9910 High Voltage LED Controller 01/2011
AN201 2-Channel Tunable White / 1-Channel Dimmable White Smart Connected Light Bulb Reference Design 10/2015
AN202 AP3983C (PSR Switcher) + AL1791+AL1793 (1-Channel and 3-Channel Linear CCR LED Drivers)

4-Channel White+RGB Tunable Color Smart Connected Light Bulb Reference Design
AN203 1-Channel Dimmable White Smart Connected Light Bulb Reference Design 01/2016
AN204 3-Channel Warm Dimming (WD) / 3-Channel Tunable Color (TC) Smart Connected Light Bulb (SCL) Reference Design 01/2016
AN1029 Design Consideration with AP3606/AP3607 11/2008
AN1031 Design Consideration with AP3031 10/2009
AN1038 WLED Backlighting Solution for Medium LCD Panel Designed with AP3608E+AP3039 04/2009
AN1040 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using AP1661A 09/2009
AN1042 Design Consideration with AP3033 10/2009
AN1050 Design Consideration with AP3615 05/2010
AN1059 Design Consideration with AP3041 03/2011
AN1066 Design Guideline and Application Notes of AP1682 System Solution 04/2012
AN1069 WLED Backlighting Solution for Medium-sized LED Panel Designed with AP3064 09/2011
AN1070 Design Guideline and Application Notes of AP1681 System Solution 09/2011
AN1075 Design of Power Factor Correction Circuit Using AP1662 01/2012
ANL001 High Voltage Implementation of AP3156 for Backlighting LED Driver Applications 03/2010
DN81 Lighting design note handbook 03/2008
DN89 MR16 EMC compliant reference design 08/2008
DN92 ZXLD1360 and Super Barrier Rectifier ideally suited for 700mA LED current in MR16 application 06/2009
DN93 Wide input voltage range SEPIC LED driver using ZXLD1321 with external power switch 11/2008
DN95 2.8A high current LED driving using ZXLD1320 with external power switch 12/2008
DN96 MR11 LED Lighting Application with AL8805 08/2010
DN98 ZXLD1370 PCB Layout Guidelines 11/2010

Motor Control

AN76 DMC4040SSD Reduces MOSFET Losses Ensuring Reliable Operation of Brushless DC Motors 06/2011
AN1001 How to Control Motor Fan Speed of AM4961 03/2011
AN1041 The Design Guide for AM4962 12/2009
AN1056 The Design Guide for AM4963/AM4963R 12/2010
DN1151 Start-up Sequencing for Diode’s Gate Drivers 01/2016
DN1152 Gate Driver and MOSFET Compatibility 01/2016
DN1153 Bootstrap Capacitor Considerations 01/2016
DN1154 Use of DGD2106 in IR2106 Applications 01/2016
DN1155 Use of DGD2103 & DGD2104 in IR2103 & IR2104 Applications 01/2016
DN1156 Gate Drivers in BLDC Motors 01/2016
DN1157 Electronic Cigarette (eCig) Design Note 01/2016


ANH012 AH180 MicroPower Omnipolar Hall-Effect Sensor Switch 10/2008
ANH013 AH1802 simulation results for Vertical Orientation 01/2009

Technical Notes

TN1 Recommended Soldering Techniques N/A